• Gerri Berger

How to Upload your Raw DNA Data to MyHeritage

Follow these steps to upload your Raw DNA Data to MyHeritage:

1) Go to MyHeritage.

2) Hover over "DNA" on the main navigation bar and click on "Upload DNA Data." 3) The "Upload DNA Data" screen will appear. Click the "Start" button.

4) You will be prompted to create a free account. Enter your gender, name, year of birth, a username and password, accept the Terms and click "Go." 5) You will be prompted to complete the info in the light gray box, on the left=hand side of the screen. Accept all the terms and click "Upload." 6) A dialog box will appear. Locate the Zip folder and click "Open," in the bottom right-hand corner to select the file. 7) Follow the prompts to complete the upload. Allow 5-7 days for your matches to populate. You should receive a welcome email from the site. Note: Make note of your login information.

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