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Geraldine Berger
Genetic Genealogist
Geraldine Berger, known as "The Genetic Genealogy Coach," is a professional genetic genealogist, specializing in helping adult adoptees and others with unknown parentage to identify and locate their birth parents, and other long-lost family members, via DNA testing.  In addition, she accepts traditional family tree research projects, breaking though brick walls, using DNA evidence.

A reunited adoptee herself, "Gerri" has solved hundreds of cases of unknown parentage, as well as other family tree mysteries, including having identified her own biological father.  She is also an experienced intermediary between adoptees and their biological family members.  Some of her successes have made the front page of Sunday newspaper lifestyle sections and worldwide online news outlets.

Gerri is the author of  "Living In The Know: The Adoptee’s Quick Start Guide to Finding Family with DNA Testing,” a book about the importance of knowing the truth of your origins and solving cases of unknown parentage using DNA testing, for release in 2021 (Amazon, Kindle, Nook, bookstores, libraries).  As an adoptee rights activist, she is contributing author to various other media.


A dynamic public speaker, Gerri lectures on the topic of genetic genealogy at historical and genealogical societies, libraries and other organizations.  She earned a certificate in Genealogical Research from Boston University and has a Master’s degree in Psychology, from Fairleigh Dickinson University.  


Gerri is available for speaking engagements as well as book readings and signings.  1-833-WHO-ARE-U.