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The "DNA Pools" are proving more effective than the online registries.
People are discovering the truth of their origins faster and more frequently
as a direct result of DNA testing.  

​Cost:  $99 (Test only). 
Watch for holiday promotions.


Monthly U.S. Membership: $19.99

Members:  20 Million +

​Cost:  $79 (Test and Membership for life of platform). Accepts FREE Autosomal DNA Transfers from competitors.

Members:  2 Million +

​Cost:  $99 (Ancestry Service; Test and Membership for life of platform).

Members:  5 Million +

For Adoptees and Others of Unknown Parentage

It's best to be in ALL of "The Big 4" DNA pools - You never know where your closest relatives have tested. 
I recommend the following DNA testing strategy: 


  1. The best DNA test for adoptees is AncestryDNA; test with AncestryDNA first.  I can't stress this enough.  AncestryDNA is the largest DNA pool, with over 20 million members and many members have extensive family trees, which are essential (necessary) to your search.   Experienced search angels usher all adoptees and birth parents here FIRST to increase the odds of finding a parent/child match, with their first test.  That said, it's best to be in ALL of the BIG 4 DNA pools - but always... AncestryDNA first.

    Good things to do while waiting for your DNA test results:
    Send for your Non-ID and OBC, if and join your State Registry.  Also, join my Facebook group


  2. Contact me for a free consult.  The best time to do this is AFTER  you receive your AncestryDNA test results. 
    We will log in to your DNA account(s) together, review your results, discuss your search options, and address any questions you may have.  If you need help with Steps 3-6, I can coach you through them.  You may contact me via the Contact form or via private instant message, on Facebook.


  3. Download your AncestryDNA raw data to your computer.  Save the zip file to your desktop so it's easy to locate and do not open/unzip it or extract files. 

  4. Upload your AncestryDNA raw data to FamilyTreeDNA (via free Autosomal Transfer).  Upgrade for $19 to unlock all Family Finder features.  This saves time and money vs. having to purchase another DNA test and wait for results.

  5. Upload your AncestryDNA raw data to MyHeritage  (via free Autosomal Transfer).

  6. Create a free GEDmatch account and upload your AncestryDNA raw data.  GEDmatch is a third-party electronic utility and DNA analytical tool (not a DNA testing company).  Members can upload their DNA raw data from any of the major testing companies (for free), potentially increasing their number of DNA matches/relatives that they may not have encountered otherwise.  Beginners often the process complex and confusing.  I can help you.

  7. Test with 23andMe. If your matches are close enough, you may not need to test here.  If you'd like to, go ahead, but only AFTER you've tested with AncestryDNA.  I encourage adoptees and those with unknown parentage to get into all the DNA pools, though this may not be necessary in order for me to solve your case.  Let's view your results elsewhere first and then decide if this step is necessary for you. 

  8. Determine which Services are right for you.  Schedule a FREE Phone Consultation or Full Service Search.

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