Skye, New York

I met Gerri by chance through an ex-boyfriend who wrote a  song about my search for my birth mom called "Simple Piece of Paper."  Gerri was touched when she heard it and contacted me.  Now before I give the details on my angel, Gerri, I'll give you a little back story. 


I was adopted two times - both times to horrible adoptive families. I decided to leave at 14 and start my life. But I always had this hole in my heart that only my birth family could fill. I had never known them and needed to find them to be happy.  I had literally tried everything to find them. Every door slammed in my face. But I decided to take a DNA test and that is where my angel comes in. 


Gerri literally worked almost non-stop on my case for about two weeks to figure out who my family was.  When we finally found them she not only gave me the information but made the first calls for me to ease the first contacts.  I could have never filled that void if it wasn't for her.  I just needed to know who they were.  And I got 10xs more than that!


This is picture of my mother and me that was taken the moment we first saw one another, on the day of our reunion, which was also my 30th birthday.   Saying thank you is just not enough to express my gratitude. 

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