• Gerri Berger

How to Upload your Raw DNA Data to FamilyTreeDNA

Follow these steps to upload your Raw DNA Data to FamilyTreeDNA: 1) Go to FamilyTreeDNA.

2) Hover over "Upload DNA Data" on the main navigation bar and click on "Autosomal DNA," in the drop-down menu. You will be prompted to create a FREE account. 3) Enter your name, email address and gender in the dialog box and click the button that says, "Join Today." (The "Transfer Raw Data" page will appear.)

4) Select your "Transfer Type." (Which testing company's results are you uploading? Click on the appropriate option.)

5) You will be prompted to either drag and drop the zip folder or browse for it. I prefer the browse option.

6) Click "Submit." Your data will upload and you will be prompted to check back in a few days. The system needs time to compare your genome against all other members to populate your DNA matches. (For $19 you may choose to unlock other features of the site. Wait until your matches populate to explore and decide if this option is right for you. ) Note: You will receive a "Kit number" once your data uploads. This kit number is your Username on the website. You will also receive an email from FamilyTreeDNA with your temporary password. I recommend changing your password in your Account Settings. Make note of your new login information.

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