• Start a notebook or folder and gather as much family tree information  as possible. 

  • Ask family members for help. 

  • Build your family tree back in time, as far as you can. 

  • Strive to record full names (including maiden names), places and dates  of birth, marriage, death and burial, with accuracy.

Get Organized

  • Adoptees, ask your parents (if possible) what they know about your birth parents and adoption.  Take notes and record all known facts about their appearance, ethnic backgrounds, ages at the time of your birth, religious background, highest level of education, career information, etc.

  • What were were you born?  Adopted?  

  • Was your adoption finalized by a private attorney or adoption agency?

Ask Questions

  • Adoptees, ask your parents for any records relevant to your adoption.

  • Determine whether or not you are eligible to receive a copy of your original birth certificate (OBC) from the State Health Department's Vital Records department, in the state you were born/adopted.  If so, request it.

  • Click here to learn more about how to obtain your OBC, in your state of birth.

  • See "Steps to Success."


Obtain Records

  • Adoptees, request your "Non-ID," which is actually non-identifying information about your birth parents, available to you upon request through the adoption agency and/or State Health Department, in the state you were born/adopted.  Inquire with both entities.

  • Click here to learn more about how to obtain your Non-ID.

  • Many State Health Departments have a mutual consent adoption reunion registry.  Both parties must be registered for the match to be made. Inquire and submit the necessary form(s) to sign up.  Registration is usually free. Click here.

  • Register with ALMA and ISRR .  

​Request your Non-ID and Join Registries
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