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Clients must be 18 years of age or older.



 Contact me to schedule a

FREE phone consultation, after you receive your DNA test results.   

We will log into your DNA account(s) together, review your results, discuss your genealogical research project and/or search options, and address any questions you may have.  


If you have questions regarding which DNA tests to take, see  

DNA Testing.


Retain me to help you build your family tree, incorporating information and photographs important to you and your family.

Have you hit a "brick wall" in your family tree research?

Would you like to publish a genealogical resource (in book format) a gift for your family?


We will identify your research goals and various media choices to record your family history

 for future generations. 


Retain me for a Full Service
Family Search to identify and locate
specified members of
your family/families of origin

(i.e. your birth parents).   

  A Full Service Search includes all genetic genealogy research, analysis,  communication with your matches and acting as intermediary between you and your relatives, prior to

your first contact with one another.  


Your genetic family tree(s)

are provided to you at the conclusion of your search.