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Wyoming:  Access to OBCs and Non-ID




Who May Access Information
Citation: Ann. Stat. §§ 1-22-116; 1-22-203

Nonidentifying medical information may be provided to:
• The adoptive parent
• The adult adopted person
Identifying information may be accessed by:
• The adult adopted person
• The adoptive parent
• The birth parent, sibling, or grandparent
All parties must be age 18 or older.


Access to Original Birth Certificate

Citation: Ann. Stat. § 35-1-417

The original birth certificate is not subject to inspection except by court order.


Access to Non-identifying Information
Citation: Ann. Stat. § 1-22-116

To the extent available, the medical history of the adoptive child and his or her birth parents, with information identifying the birth
parents eliminated, shall be provided to the child’s adoptive parent any time after the adoption decree or to the child after he or she
attains the age of majority. The history shall include but not be limited to all available information regarding conditions or diseases
believed to be hereditary, any drugs or medication taken during pregnancy by the birth mother, and any other information that may
be a factor influencing the child’s present or future health.


Mutual Access to Identifying Information
Citation: Ann. Stat. § 1-22-203

Any person listed above may petition the court to appoint one or more confidential intermediaries for the purpose of determining
the whereabouts of an unknown birth relative, except that no one shall seek a relative who is a minor. Any information obtained
by the intermediary shall be kept strictly confidential and shall be utilized only for the purpose of arranging a contact between the
individual who initiated the search and the sought-after birth relative.
When a sought-after relative is located:
• Contact shall be made between the parties only when written consent for such contact has been obtained from both parties
and filed with the court.
• If consent for personal communication is not obtained from both parties, all relinquishment and adoption records and any
information obtained by any confidential intermediary during the course of his or her investigation shall be returned to the
court and shall remain confidential.

Where the Information Can Be Located
Wyoming Department of Family Services, Adoption


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