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Rhode Island:  Access to OBCs and Non-ID



Who May Access Information
Citation: Gen. Laws §§ 15-7.2-2; 15-7.2-7

The following persons may use the passive voluntary adoption reunion registry:
• Birth parents and adult birth siblings
• The adult adopted person
• Surviving relatives of a deceased adopted person
• The parent or adult sibling of a deceased birth parent
• The adoptive parent of a deceased adopted person


Access to Original Birth Certificate
Adult adoptees in Rhode Island have unrestricted access to their own original birth certificates. Adoptees must be 25 years of age to request an OBC.  Birth parents may file a contact preference form, which has no effect on the release of an original birth certificate.

Rhode Island’s family court system also maintains a voluntary Adoption Reunion Registry.

Access to Non-identifying Information
Citation: Gen. Laws §§ 15-7.2-1; 15-7.2-2

The passive voluntary adoption reunion registry shall provide for the transmission of non-identifying health, social, and genetic
history of the adult adopted persons, birth parents, and other specified persons. Genetic and social history includes the following
information that is available:
• Medical history
• Health status
• Cause of and age at death
• Height, weight, and eye and hair color
• Ethnic origins
• Religion, if any
Health history includes, when obtainable, the child’s health status and medical history at the time of placement for adoption,
including neonatal, psychological, developmental, physiological, and medical care history.

Mutual Access to Identifying Information
Citation: Gen. Laws §§ 15-7.2-2; 15-7.2-7; 15-7.2-9; 15-7.2-12; 5-7.2-14

The persons listed above may use the registry to register their willingness to the release of identifying information to each other by
submitting a signed affidavit. The affidavit gives the registry authority to release identifying information related to the registrant to
the other relevant persons who register. Each registration shall be accompanied by the birth certificate of the registrant.
A registry shall release only information necessary for identifying a birth parent, adult adopted person, or adult birth sibling and shall
not release information of any kind pertaining to the adoptive parents, siblings who are children of the adoptive parents, and the
income of anyone.
Any eligible registrant or any adoptive parent may file with the registry an objection to the release of identifying information. When
an objection to the release of identifying information has been filed, the court shall hear the objection of the filing party prior to the
release of identifying information to determine whether it is in the best interests of the parties to release identifying information.

Where the Information Can Be Located
State of Rhode Island and Providence Plantations Family Court, Voluntary Adoption Reunion Registry


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