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Idaho:  Access to OBCs and Non-ID

DENIES UNRESTRICTED ACCESS TO OBC (Court order required or via state-operated registry)


Who May Access Information

Citation: Ann. Code § 39-259A

Identifying information may be made available to:

•The adult adopted person

•The birth parents

•Adult birth siblings

Access to Original Birth Certificate

Citation: Ann. Code § 39-258

The original birth certificate is available upon a court order or, in accordance with § 39-259A, when all parties have consented through the State's voluntary adoption registry.


Access to Non-identifying Information

Citation: Ann. Code § 16-1506

A copy of all medical and genetic information compiled as part of the adoption investigation shall be made available to the adopting family by the department or other investigating children’s adoption agency prior to entry of the final order of adoption.

Mutual Access to Identifying Information

Citation: Ann. Code § 39-259A

The State Registrar of Vital Statistics shall establish and maintain a confidential list of qualified adult adopted persons, birth parents, or adult birth siblings who have consented to the release of their identifying information. Any consent shall indicate the person’s desired method of notification in the event that a match occurs, and shall also indicate whether the applicant desires the release of identifying information if a match occurs after his or her death. The applicant may revise his or her consent with respect to change of address or method of notification.

A birth parent shall not be matched with an adult adopted person without the consent of the other birth parent unless:

•There is only one birth parent listed on the birth certificate.

•The other birth parent is deceased.

•The other birth parent cannot be found by the Department of Health and Welfare or by a licensed child-placing agency.

Where the Information Can Be Located

Idaho Voluntary Adoption Registry, Vital Records Section, Bureau of Vital Records and Health Statistics


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